AR-Mine Dispenser
AR-Mine Dispenser

The AR-Mine Dispenser is a tower in Sanctum 2 that produces proximity mines, which can be deployed by the player. A level 1 Dispenser creates one mine per wave, a level 2 creates two, and level 3 creates three. The Dispenser makes a new set of mines at the end of each action phase; if mines are not taken from the Dispenser during an entire wave, then they are wasted.

Upon upgrading the Dispenser, one more mine is added; upon selling the Dispenser, all of the mines that it produced are deleted. Mines that the player wishes to use later can be stored away from the enemy's path, and will persist until detonated or until the Dispenser is sold.

Because of each mine's large damage potential, the Dispenser is highly effective against durable enemies, especially bosses. Because the Dispenser produces mines each wave, it is more effective the earlier it is built and upgraded. If enough mines are saved up, then they can instantly eliminate a boss virtually as soon as it spawns; however, players must not allow lesser enemies to detonate the mines.

Attributes Edit

Level 1 2 3
Damage per shot 7500–8990 9500–10990 11500
Range 1.33–1.58 1.66–1.91 2
Buy/upgrade price 100 150 150
Total cost 100 250 400


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