Aftermath is a DLC map. It is a destroyed version of the Bridge map.


Aftermath, as well as Aftershock, are set to show the effects of the alien invasion on existing maps. While the original Bridge takes place during daytime, the Aftermath version is themed in a sunset, implying that it didn't take very long for the aliens to finally overrun the area, despite Skye's prior defense.

The primary bridge (width of 9 blocks) has been destroyed and the remains of a smaller bridge (width of 5 blocks) and the back area now form the attack route to the Core.

The map can be roughly divided into four parts:

  • The initial bridge part of 5x7 blocks, where the enemies from two directions can be merged together at the entrance or be kept separate for a while.
  • The second bridge part of 5x8 blocks.
  • The back area of 5x9 blocks with some obstacles of level geometry. Most of this area needs to be left without towers and instead requires fields since there needs to be a path left for the enemy, thus restraining the creativity in maze design here.
  • The final arc way to the Core. It doesn't offer any place for fields on the ground and the few places for towers up here are dedicated to Anti-Air and long-range towers that actually pay out for the whole maze. Alternatively can Holo towers be set up that help snipers, since this is the only place in the map where Holos can be used against ground and air enemies, which would otherwise be prevented by the side walls of the bridge or the general slope.

This map plays quite different compared to other maps due to it's steep slope and height difference, which often blocks the line of sight to enemies across the map, except for the exposed position next to the Core.

Hoverers are the most feared ground enemies here due to a lack of really long straight lanes that would make it easy to kill them (especially with a lack of efficient locations for Holo towers). Gliders are the most troublesome air enemies because they have a relatively short path from their spawn to the Core, compared to other maps where they usually fly a few rounds across the maze before approaching their goal.


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