This page will describe how the map Arc can be beaten on the insane difficulty in singleplayer. It is not a fool proof guide so you will still need to be able to shoot well and probably reset to the nearest checkpoint a couple of times. There are more ways to beat the map. This way avoids mortars and relies more on your guns instead of towers.

A walkthrough by CSS developer cthrive is available on the steam forums, however the walkthrough here caters to a different playstyle.

Other Player's Comments on WavesEdit

  • Wave 6: To keep 100% core required a few reloads and sniping from the G3 - G8 blocks.
  • Using this setup, the maze will kill wave 12 all by itself.
  • Is it possible to kill all the big walkers in wave 15 with this setup? It is described as hard, but I found it impossible to kill all of them.


Non-buildable area
Non-buildable path
Buildable path
Block location
Block location
Block location
Core area


G1 F10 A3 A4
G2 S6 F11 L6 F23
F4 F5 F6 S5 F12 L5 F22 G14
L10 L11 L12 S4 F13 L7 F21
F7 F8 F9 S3 F14 L13 G13
G9 S2 F15 L8 F20
G10 S1 F16 L4 F19 G12
L14 G11 F17 L9 F18
A1 S7 S8 S9 L15
G8 F3 L3
G7 G6 G5 G4 G3 F2 L2
F1 L1
A2 S10 S11 L16
G16 G15


Wave Phase Action
1 Build Build blocks in the light gray area's (worth 70) and upgrade assault to level 2.
Kill Stand on the blocks in the first bit and start sniping walkers on the high spawn point, and when they turned snipe them at the other spawn point. When they reached you, jump down and do the slow gun fire and assault alternate fire combo all the way to the end.
2 Build Build 5 blocks in the average grey area's ( worth 10) and build Gatling towers 1 and 2 (G1, G2)
Kill First snipe as many as you can by aiming for close clustered groups with the sniper. When the first group has reached the start of the maze (the actual maze not just the building area) freeze them with the alternate fire and keep dropping grenates at the area's with the most enemies with the highest health. Stay on top of the blocks so you can move around easier. When they are at the gatling guns freeze them again (as many as you can, not neccecarilly the front ones) and keep dropping grenades. Kill any strays when they come back in the final area and use primiry assault rifle fire to kill them off (if there are not many).
3 Build Upgrade sniper to level 2.
Kill Snipe them in their heads, you are allowed a couple of misses, but not too much.
4 Build Upgrade sniper to level 3.
Kill Start sniping them from the moment they spawn. You need to hit almost all of them right on their weak spot. Walk on the groun before the chargers once they entered the maze. And shoot without zooming in and close after each other). If the chargers come too close and you fear they will bump you away, you can use the freeze guns alt to stop them. Never stop moving backwards though unless you need to make a turn but still have shots too fire.
5 Build Finish the maze (dark grey on the map, worth 20) and build Lightning towers 1-5 (L1, L2, etc.).
Kill Snipe the tanks, you can use freeze shot at the back of the group if needed. Don't use the slow however, since you do not want to group these together.
6 Build Build anti air towers 1 and 2 (A1 and A2)
Kill Snipe the spores, just to damage them (so 1 hit each, since 2 will kill them). Once they passed the anti air towers, kill the ones at the front ASAP (do not spend the extra cash, we use that to make the next 2 waves more easy)
7 Build Build lightning towers 6-12 build Gatling 3-16
Kill When they are aproching, try to hit the weak spot of as many walkers as possible. You do not have to kill them yet, just try to do as much damage on the walkers as possible. Once they entered the maze, kill the hoverers in the front (the ones that are in between the walkers). With the hoverers and the walkers seperated, focus on the walkers, freeze them close to multiple lightning towers, and snipe them. When the walkers are dead, the hoverers are probably almost dead aswell, if not it should be easy to give your maze a helping hand.
8 Build Upgrade sniper to level 4.
Kill Snipe the tanks from both the spawn points. Shoot to kill, and kill about 3 or 4 of the first of both spawn points. This to make sure the Soakers are walking at the front of the group and not in between the tanks. Once you achieved this snipe the soakers. If they are not ramped up enough by the gatlings, use your assault rifle to ramp them up a little. But don't forget the damage comes from the sniper rifle since it is the highest level. When the Soakers are dead finish of the remaining tanks.
9 Build Upgrade assault to level 3.
Kill This wave is just too easy. Your gatlings keep them pinned down all over the maze, giving your ages to snipe these dudes one by one.
10 Build Upgrade assault to level 4 and build scatter lasers 1-11 (S1, S2, S3, etc.)
Kill First snipe a couple of the bobleheads (the ones that walk at the front). When the walkers start merging up, walk in front of them on the ground and alternate between the slow shot and the assault grenade. When the walkers are all dead, snipe the rest of the bobbleheads
11 Build Build nothing.
Kill Freeze them to group them better, and use grenades whenever you can
12 Build Upgrade scatter towers 1-11 to level 2.
Kill Snipe the dodgers to damage them, killing will be done by the towers.
13 Build Upgrade lightning towers 1-3 to level 3 and upgrade lightning towers 5-7 to level 2
Kill First snipe the chargers while they approach. When the groups merge together stand in 1 position and use the assault rifle to hit them in their critical spot (so you damage them all a little bit). When they passed switch to the sniper and hit the hoverers in the back. When the chargers are almost back to the first area (around gatling guns 9-11) use the assault rifle in the same way to damage them. Then snipe the hoverers in the back again to damage them. Finally when the Chargers are almost at the end go there and walk downstairs in front of them and hit them, both the sniper and assault rifle will do depending on your preferation. When the chargers are all dead, teleport back up and snipe the remaining hoverers. During this whole wave, use the freeze gun on your own disgretion. On general it is best used on the chargers when they are close to lightning towers.
14 Build Upgrade assault to level 5.
Kill Focus on the soakers with the assault rifle, when they are dead finish of the blockers.
15 Build Upgrade Lightning 10-12 to level 3 and upgrade lightning 4, 8 and 9 to level 2
Kill First use the sniper untill the groups merge together. Walk in front of them and use the assault rifle to hit their weak spot. Use the freeze at the right time, when they are close to high level lightning towers. This should be a hard wave doing it like this. It is easier with the sniper rifle upgraded, but then the soaker/charger wave is very hard to kill. That is why we are trying to get a level 6 assault rifle at wave 17.
16 Build Upgrade lightning tower 5 to level 3 and upgrade G10 and G11 to level 2
Kill Use the sniper on the tanks. Target the ones with the most HP. You just want to damage them all equally, so they all die at the end. Use freezes to seperate the groups to make lightning towers do more damage. Save a freeze for the last part though, since you probably will need it. Leave the runners, your maze will kill them easily.
17 Build Upgrade assault to level 6.
Kill First snipe a little when they are out of assault rifle range. When they come in range, focus mainly on ramping up the damage on the soakers. Do not focus on just one soaker. Ramp them up about equally. You can use freezes and slows to seperate the soakers a bit more. You can also damage the chargers a little, but don't do that too much. When the chargers reach the end of the maze, be there to kill off any that are left alive. There will most likely be a bunch of them alive, but all should have low hp and easy to kill off with the assault rifle. After that, finish of the soakers one by one.
18 Build Upgrade/build anti-air tower 1 and 3 to level 3 and upgrade/build anti-air tower 2 and 4 to level 2.
Kill Ignore the gliders, they will get killed by the scatters, focus on the spores. Damage them and do not go for the kill, only kill those that are alone to optimize the AoE damage of the AA. You can start sniping on top of the building. But later move yourself closer to the core. Move while the sniper is reloading to slowly get there. If it gets a bit too tight use the freeze of the freeze gun in the air.
19 Build Upgrade freeze gun to level 3 and upgrade Lightning 4, 6, 7 and 8 to level 3
Kill First snipe the big walkers as much as you can. When the group merged, use the slow to group them together. Keep combining the slow shot and the grenades till they are all dead.
20 Build Build nothing.
Kill Very easy wave, relax and play a little with the assault rifle.
21 Build Upgrade sniper to level 5.
Kill Easy wave, snipe the bobbleheads and then just use the assault rifle to kill the soakers 1 by 1.
22 Build Upgrade sniper to level 6 and upgrade anti-air 2 and 4 to level 3.
Kill Focus on the spores and when they are dead, finish of the remaining hoverers.
23 Build Build slow field 1-23 (F1, F2, etc.) and build lightning tower 13-17.
Kill First do the chargers and then do the tanks. This is a fairly tricky wave, so do not miss the weak spot too often and use your freeze gun right (freeze the chargers near corners with lightnings and/or seperate the tanks to spread them out)
24 Build Build nothing.
Kill Hit the dodgers 1x with the sniper so they remain with a small piece of health. The scatter towers will kill them off easily and fast then.
25 Build Upgrade lightning tower 4 to level 5 and upgrade lightning towers 13-15 to level 3 and lightning tower 16 to level 2.
Kill Focus on the walkers with the slow shot and the grenades.
26 Build Upgrade lightning 8 to level 5.
Kill Focus on killing the big walkers. Freeze the last 2 soakers once the big walkers all passed them (so towers ramp those up for you). When the big walkers are dead use the assault gun to kill the soakers, starting by the soaker first in line since he did not get ramped up well by the towers.
27 Build Build nothing.
Kill Easy wave, just kill them.
28 Build Build nothing.
Kill Easy wave, just kill them.
29 Build Build nothing.
Kill Easy wave, just kill them.
30 Build Upgrade anti-air tower 1 and 3 to level 5 and upgrade anti-air tower 2 and 4 to level 4. Also upgrade scatter tower 3-6 to level 3.
Kill Focus on the big walkers. The towers will be strong enough to take out the dodgers.

Arc insane maze