This page is for the discussion of layouts and designs of block towers and turrets for the Arc map.

There are several things to consider when design a maze for Arc. Obviously, turret placements, number of turns and ease of navigability (for the player) should be considered. However, a good design should take into consideration to two side paths on Arc, and make use of them to exploit maximum path length.

Side Path MapsEdit

  • An Arc map that makes use of sidepaths to maximize path length.
  • Lots of turns in the beginning, but a bit less in the end
  • Lots of turns at the beginning and a bunch of mid-ling streights at the 2nd part
  • Easy to navigate, alot of streight paths.
  • Maze for the Arc level which costs 80 resources to complete
  • theory of this maze: invest in towers, the enemies will pass more than once and upgrade only effective ones

Layout Design ToolEdit

The follow image can be dropped into an image editing program and used to design / plan layouts for block and tower placement. All white squares with black borders are spots that blocks can be placed, any blocks that have borders of 1 pixel rather then 2 are raised and so cannot be crossed by land based creatures. Grey blocks with grey borders are paths creatures can walk on.

Arc blank revised

2D layout of Arc.

Note: Click and copy the fullsize image rather then the thumbnail.