Armoured Heavy
Armoured Heavy
Strength Armoured body (300 armor)
Weakness Rear soft point.
Type Ground

The Armoured Heavy is a new enemy introduced in Sanctum 2. It is a passive enemy that will not attack the players, however, it is heavily armoured and slow. With the armour, bullet-based weapons and towers will not damage it.


Only weakness is rear part of the body, any other parts of the body will nullify damage from bullets. It moves slowly. The Armoured Heavy will not attack players, but will ram the core once in melee range.

Tower strategiesEdit

Towers such as the Gatling and Cannon will not damage the Armoured Heavy from the front or side; however hitting from the rear will cause some damage. Explosive towers, like Rocket, will cause some damage through the armour due to their high base damage. AR-Mine Dispenser and other mines will ignore the armour and cause large damage. Multiple Violator towers work against the armoured heavy as they can pierce the armour and still do 2/3 of the damage, especially if they are attacking from behind the Armoured Heavy where their full damage will devastate it.

Player strategiesEdit

While intimidating, the Armoured Heavy will ignore players and continue moving forward. For those that use projectile-based weapons (such as the Assault Rifle or Sniper), it is advised to get behind the Heavy and fire at the soft glowing rear core. However explosives (like the REX) will damage the Heavy regardless of the location of the hit (though at reduced damage). The perk Plumber Shoes can help a lot if the player can maintain a constant bouncing on the Armoured Heavy.

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