Big Walker
Big Walker
Strength High endurance
Weakness Low numbers, easy to crit
Type Ground
Most Effective Weapon Sniper, Assault Gun
Most Effective Tower Lightning

The Big Walker, like the smaller Walker, does not have any special abilities. It is large and durable and thus can be difficult to kill, but not many appear in a wave.


In single player, the Big Walker sometimes takes the role of a miniboss. In such a case, the wave features a single Big Walker with significantly higher endurance instead of six Big Walkers.

Tower strategiesEdit

Since the Big Walker has no real strengths besides a large amount of hit points, most towers are affective against it. A few well-placed and upgraded Lightnings in particular can inflict a great amount of damage.

Player strategiesEdit

The Sniper works quite well, because the Big Walker's weak spot is large and the Big Walker's movement is predictable. It is easier to hit the weak spot when the Big Walker is walking straight instead of turning. The Assault Gun also fairs well if upgraded. As with most enemies, quickly swap between your weapon of choice and the Freeze Gun to slow it down, while hitting the weak spot as often as possible.