Strength Incredibly fast
Weakness Small Numbers
Type Ground
Most Effective Weapon Sniper
Most Effective Tower Lightning, Mortar

The Blocker is a creature that can temporarily curl up into an immovable ball to negate 50% of damage inflicted upon it. Weapons that can inflict a high amount of damage per shot are most effective against it, as the Blocker curls up shortly after taking damage from players. The Blocker is a high-priority target at the beginning of the wave; if it is left alone it will speed through the maze. The player should keep them in check and make them curl up at the right places in the maze.

Tower strategiesEdit

The Gatling tower and Scatter Laser tower are less effective because they inflict relatively little damage per shot. If you are having trouble eliminating the Blockers before they enter the maze, you may wish to avoid placing these towers at the beginning of the maze. The Lightning tower is generally the most effective tower against the Blocker, and the Mortar tower is effective too.

Player strategiesEdit

Since the Blocker becomes highly resistant to damage shortly after it is hit, the Sniper rifle and a heavily loaded Shotgun are the most effective weapons. Four quick Sniper shots can be landed before it can curl up. Once curled up, the Blocker's weak spot is only visible from behind.

One tactic is to delay the Blockers from reaching the maze so that the towers and players can concentrate on the other creatures first. With this, the Freeze Gun should be used along with either other weapon; constantly slow them down with the Freeze Gun and shoot them to make them curl up. If the Blockers reach the maze, freeze them while they are walking so that they can be easily killed while frozen.

Another tactic is to let them run into the maze and freeze them at a later killing zone. This means the towers in the front are free to focus on the other enemies while the killzone is fully utilized by the blockers.