Bobble Head
Bobble Head
Strength Immune to body damage. Nearly immune to tower damage. Wobbly motion makes it hard to aim.
Weakness Low HP. Low numbers.
Type Ground
Most Effective Weapon Sniper

The Bobble Head is completely immune to damage on the body, and only its head is vulnerable to damage. It swings its head from side to side as it walks, making it a challenge to hit.


Immune to all damage directed at non-critical spots such as the body, neck, and back of the head.

Tower strategiesEdit

Slow Fields are helpful because they slow down all movement, including the side-to-side bobbing motion of the Bobble Head. This makes it easier to hit its weak spot. However, upgrading the slow field enough to be effective is quite expensive.

None of the shooting towers are effective against the Bobble Head because they rarely hit the weak spot. Consequently, the Bobble Head should generally be killed before it reaches the towers; see Player Strategies.

Player strategiesEdit

In waves with other ground enemies, Bobble Heads should be eliminated quickly to prevent them from occupying the towers.

The Sniper works quite well, but landing consecutive shots can be difficult in a short time span. Since the Bobble Head's head sways left to right but not much forward and back positioning yourself to one side can make sniping much easier. You can also aim at the previous shot you took at a Bobble Head and shoot when its weak spot goes into your crosshair, because it always will go into the previous croshair.

The Assault Gun is fairly effective at close range, but it generally cannot inflict as much damage as an equally upgraded Sniper.

The Freeze Gun's ability to slow down or immobilize the Bobble Head is especially useful for snipers, though you have to be very fast switching weapons, as the freeze effect only lasts for one or two sniper shots worth of time.

The REX is somewhat effective as The Old City update allowed Bobble Heads to take damage from explosives. This feature may also apply to Mortars and other explosives, such as the Assault Gun's secondary fire*.

  • It still has to make contact with the Head to do damage. Splash damage is very minimal to Bobble Head*

Sanctum 2Edit

Bobble Heads return in Sanctum 2 sporting the same immunity to all damage directed to non-critical spots as they had in Sanctum. They remain passive towards the player, but will smash the core with their heads when in melee range. This however, leaves them rather vulnerable to attack when they crane back their heads to attack, making their heads an easy target.



Sanctum 2