The Cannon is a tower in Sanctum 2. It is the only tower whose rate of fire decreases as it is upgraded.

Because of how its attributes are scaled, a level 1 Cannon that is almost at level 2 deals more damage overall than a level 2 Cannon. However, a level 2 Cannon is significantly more effective against the Armoured Heavy.

Attributes Edit

Level 1 2 3
Damage per shot 215–418 749–975 1727
Shots per minute 120 60 34
Damage per minute 25,800–50,160 44,940–58,500 58,718
Dmg per min per res spent 184.29–162.33 144.97–122.13 122.33
Range 2.5–2.93 3.27–3.76 4.1
Buy/upgrade price 140 170 190
Total cost 140 310 500


Sanctum 2

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