Cavern is a DLC map added in The Old City update.

Like all other DLC maps, it is available from the very beginning and doesn't need to be unlocked.

Description Edit

Cavern takes place down in the entrance of a huge cave with a lake on the bottom. Several platforms on different levels have been built here, which are connected by walkways, teleporters and jump pads.

There is only one single spawn point at the entrance of the cave, from which all land enemies always follow a single path to the core without any alternative routes. Air enemies do not spawn on this map.

The buildable area consists of several long and narrow paths between the individual teleporters. Most places don't offer more than two blocks of width, which makes it hard to build a complex maze here.

The level's narrowness forces a tough trade-off between coverage and maze length; if towers are placed to force mobs to travel in a zigzag, only a few towers will fit on each platform. If you have purchased the Killing Floor DLC, this is the level to go wild with it, as Killing Floors can easily turn every square of the maze into brutally damaging zones.


The following towers are available when playing Cavern in single player:

Single-player waves

In single player, the enemies that spawn are predefined. The following table shows the enemies that are encountered and how many resources at the end of each wave. If a checkpoint exists at the beginning of the wave, then its number will be shown in bold.

Wave Enemies Income
1 30 Walkers + 6 Tanks 100
2 3 Soakers + 40 Runners 150
3 40 Chargers 200
4 30 Walkers + 6 Bobble Heads 250
5 8 Hoverers + 5 Tanks 300
6 8 Blockers + 20 Chargers 350
7 30 Walkers + 5 Big Walkers 400
8 8 Hoverers+ 6 Big Walkers 450
9 80 Runners 500
10 30 Walkers + 8 Blockers 550
11 40 Runners + 20 Chargers 600
12 6 Big Walkers + 5 Tanks 650
13 30 Walkers + 3 Soakers 700
14 6 Bobble Heads + 8 Hoverers 750
15 20 Chargers + 6 Bobble Heads 800
16 30 Walkers + 8 Blockers 850
17 40 Runners + 5 Tanks 900
18 8 Hoverers + 3 Soakers 950
19 30 Walkers + 8 Blockers 1000
20 6 Big Walkers + 20 Chargers 1050


Caves Jameron
Caves Jameron
Survive all the waves in Cavern.
Survive all the waves in Cavern on Insane difficulty.


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