Strength Fast on straight paths
Weakness Very slow around corners
Type Ground
Most Effective Weapon Assault Gun
Most Effective Tower Scatter Laser, Gatling, Lightning

The Charger accelerates to incredible speeds on long straight paths, but slows down significantly when they turn. A maze with many twists and turns is therefore an effective counter.


Rapidly accelerates on straightaways to top speed (fastest of all creatures), slows to a near stop to turn.

Tower strategiesEdit

Gatlings and Lightnings will deal good damage if placed well, especially if they are placed in a position which has the Chargers walking slowly around them. The Scatter Laser is very powerful against Chargers since it can fire over walls and most mazes include a large number of turns to slow chargers down.

Player strategiesEdit

Alternating between the slow shot on the Freeze Gun and the Assault Gun will keep the Chargers moving at a crawl around corners and make gunning them down simple.

It is important to avoid standing in front of a charger when they are travelling quickly because the knockback from them could put you very far out of position, causing you to lose valuble time. That said, their knockback can be helpful in regaining high ground if you have accidentally fallen into your own maze and there are no televators nearby.