The Circle Saw is a weapon in Sanctum 2 unlocked at player level 21. It resembles a rusty circular saw commonly used to cut wood, but with its blade turned 90 degrees. The Circle Saw has a clipsize of 60, with melee mode firing about nine rounds per second as long as the fire button is held down. Melee mode hits in a small arc (about 30 degrees) where it can hit multiple enemies within melee range in front of the player. Secondary fire mode takes 15 rounds from the clip, fires the blade in an inaccurate arc, and "burns" an enemy it hits for low damage over time.

When using this weapon in melee mode, it combines well with the Overcharge perk to deal additional electrical damage to nearby enemies. If no other enemies are around, it is effective against the weakspots of Soakers and Armoured Heavies.

  • Primary Fire
    • Melee Meatgrinder
  • Secondary Fire
    • Launch a saw blade that sticks to and deals damage to the target.

Circle Saw


Sanctum 2