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Complex is a map where the enemies have a fixed spiraling path. Airborne enemies are absent on this map, as well as Chargers in multiplayer mode. Its multi-level and spiraling design makes it one of the more difficult maps to navigate.

Description Edit

The enemies begin travel down a straightaway on the upper level before they reach the centre of the spiral, where they begin spiraling outwards until the final straightaway on the lower level. The path briefly intersects itself near the centre of the spiral. The player can only build blocks beside the enemies' path, and is therefore unable to modify their path or utilise Slow Fields, Amp Fields, or Killing Floors. The different height levels of the buildable blocks themselves add an additional challenge to the map, as the build places on the perimeter of the map lay below the upper paths. Thus it is recommended to build towers towers that are above their block (as opposed to Gatling and Penetrator towers) if you want to hit enemies on the upper lane as well. Most blocks have also a too big height difference to the lane that makes Penetrators pretty useless on the map, as they can only aim around their yaw axis and not change their pitch like Gatlings.


The following is a list of towers available on Arc in single player:

Single-player waves

In single player, the enemies that spawn are predefined. The following table shows the enemies that are encountered and how many resources at the end of each wave. If a checkpoint exists at the beginning of the wave, then its number will be shown in bold.

Wave Enemies Income
1 30 Walkers + 6 Big Walkers 60
2 3 Chargers + 40 Runners 90
3 5 Tanks + 8 Hoverers 120
4 8 Blockers + 6 Bobble Heads 150
5 3 Soakers + 30 Walkers 180
6 6 Big Walkers + 20 Chargers 210
7 40 Runners + 5 Tanks 240
8 8 Hoverers + 8 Blockers 270
9 3 Soakers + 6 Bobble Heads 300
10 30 Walkers + 40 Runners 330
11 6 Big Walkers + 20 Chargers 360
12 8 Hoverers + 6 Bobble Heads 390
13 6 Tanks + 8 Blockers 420
14 3 Soakers + 30 Walkers 450
15 1 strong Big Walker + 30 Walkers 480



The portal in Complex, as seen from the enemy walkway

On the far side of the map from the enemy entrance, you can look below to see an orange portal from the Valve games Portal and Portal 2. In a fashion similar to the Portal games, you can jump into the orange portal below and be launched out of a blue one, which located on a distant catwalk, back onto the map.