Strength Sporadic Movement, Small Crit Zone
Weakness Relatively slow, Low Health
Type Air
Most Effective Weapon Sniper
Most Effective Tower Scatter Laser, Anti-Air

The Dodger is a small flying creature that moves erratically.

Tower strategiesEdit

The Anti-Air tower and Scatter Laser are both effective against the Dodger. The Anti-Air tower's rockets will home in on a single target, even after it thrusts forward. The Scatter Laser's beams are hitscan and cannot miss its target.

Player strategiesEdit

In earlier waves, the Assault Gun may be effective because of the Dodger's low health. The Assault Gun's effectiveness increases as the player's distance from the Dodgers decreases, so players should seek an elevated position when shooting Dodgers with the Assault Gun.

In later waves, the Sniper becomes the only effective weapon against the Dodger. However, because of the Dodger's jerky movement, the player may have difficulty maintaining an adequate DPS.