This page will be for discussion and examples of maze designs for the Facility level.

Random DesignsEdit

2011-09-05 00001

This one is a nice long run.

Nice long design. All I did was lvl my frost gun and make them walk through it as long as possible. My tower setup was a little weak to flying.

Layout Design ToolEdit

The follow image can be dropped into an image editing program and used to design / plan layouts for block and tower placement. All white squares with black borders are spots that blocks can be placed, any blocks that have boarders of 1 pixel rather then 2 are raised and so cannot be crossed by land based creatures. Grey blocks with grey borders are paths creatures can walk on.

Facility blank

2D layout of Facility.

Note: Click and copy the fullsize image rather then the thumbnail.

Usage Examples:

Facility map1

Example Block Layout

Colour Key

Red = Gatling
Green = Scatter
Cyan = Lightning
Blue = Mortar
Magenta = Anti-Air
Grey = Televators

Facility map2

Example Tower Layout

Facility - Long Path

Example of a way you can get a lot of the mobs grouped well enough.

Blue - Needed

Red - Extra towers to mess with opponents