The Focus is a tower in Sanctum 2 whose damage increases when it stays targeted on a single enemy. It is most effective against durable enemies.

The Focus' damage output can be maximized by constructing the enemy path along as much of the circumference of the Focus' range as possible. If enemies are expected to reach the Core, then a Focus that watches over the Core can also be highly effective, especially when combined with the Shocking Revelation perk. In this case, the Focus should generally be placed where a Hoverer attacking the Core would have its back exposed to the Focus.

Attributes Edit

Level 1 2 3
Damage per shot 100–212 212–324 423
Shots per minute 120 133 150
Damage per minute 12,000–25,440 28,196–43,092 63,450
Dmg per min per res spent 80–68.02 75.19–71.94 105.75
Range 4.00 4.00 4.00
Buy/upgrade price 150 225 225
Total cost 150 375 600


Sanctum 2