Gatling Laser
  • Primary Fire
    • Rapid fire laser that deals extra damage over time.
  • Secondary Fire
    • Charge up to deal damage in an area around yourself.

The Gatling Laser is a secondary weapon in Sanctum 2 that provides a mix of long-range and close range damage. It is unlocked somewhere around player level 21. Primary-fire is a rapid shot that travels quickly and leaves behind a purple tracer. The clip holds 28 rounds before needing to be reloaded. Secondary fire charges up rounds and then releases them all in a small radius around the player (about 3/4ths of a tower base), dealing damage to all enemies nearby.

Strategy Edit

Because the Gatling Laser can do damage at a distance, but also has a close-range charged attack, it works well with Haigen, who is normally up close to enemies but also needs a way to shoot flying enemies at a distance.