Strength Fast, small weak spot
Weakness Low health, predictable flight pattern
Type Air
Most Effective Weapon Sniper
Most Effective Tower Scatter Laser, Anti-Air

The Glider is a fast flying creature. Its speed can pose a problem to Anti-Air towers as their rockets are often too slow to keep up with it, but the Glider has relatively low health.

Tower strategiesEdit

Scatter Lasers are effective when not swamped by ground targets because of their long range and hitscan attack, and the low health of the Glider.

Anti-Air towers in large numbers perform reasonably well because each rocket fired towards a Glider has a chance to hit it.

Violators are very effective, as long as you can keep them from targeting ground units.

Player strategiesEdit

Use the Sniper to hit the glowing weak spot on their heads, and take them down quickly. The wings are easier to shoot, but will not provide critical damage.