Heavy Pup
Strength Armoured, aggressive, relatively fast speed, attacks in groups.
Weakness Weakspots on sides of Heavy Pup, may separate itself from other Lumes to attack players.
Type Ground

The Heavy Pup is an armoured creature, similar to a smaller version of the Armoured Heavy, and somewhat resembling the "bugs" from the Starship Troopers movie. Instead of having a rear-facing weakspot, the Heavy Pup's weakspots are on both sides of it's main body. They are faster than the Armoured Heavy, more aggressive, but also have significantly less health.

Tower StrategiesEdit

Fast-firing Towers such as the Focus or Gatling are most likely to hit the Heavy Pup's weakspots, though a player can lure the Heavy Pup into turning to face themselves. The slowing effects of the Kairos or Slow Field Dispenser are useful for making disposing of the Heavy Pup easier.

Player StrategiesEdit

The Heavy Pup will attack players they see, which can be used to lure them away from other Lumes and into traps.