Strength Immune to damage from the front
Weakness Slow, Easy to crit from back
Type Ground
Most Effective Weapon All
Most Effective Tower Scatter Laser, Lightning

The Hoverer has a shield on its anterior side that makes it immune to damage from the front. It is only vulnerable in the back, so they must be shot from behind.

Tower strategiesEdit

Lightnings, Scatter Lasers, and Gatlings all do fairly well against Hoverers. A maze that forces them to turn its back to the turrets is most effective.

Player strategiesEdit

Because the Hoverer is immune to damage from the front, it generally should not be targeted until it crosses the boundary of the map. It also incurs little damage from explosives. By positioning yourself behind the Hoverer, sniping its weak spot can be easy even without the scope. A point-blank shotgun blast will also do massive damage if it hits the weak spot.

Sanctum 2Edit

  Hoverers return in Sanctum 2 with similar attributes in Sanctum. They remain relatively passive to the player unless the player gets too close, whereupon the hoverer will then face the player ensuring that the player cannot harm it and then letting loose a shockwave that deals damage and knocks back anything in it's radius. The hoverer will also use this shockwave when it is near the core to damage it.



Sanctum 2