Mine is the first map available to players. Upon its completion Bridge is unlocked.

Description Edit


Overhead view of Mine

As its name suggests, Mine is set an underground location. It seems to be some sort of bridge or facility spanning a vast subterrean chasm. There are multiple paths to the core on Mine, including natural ramps and chokepoints, which can be exploited to maximize the path monsters must travel. There is only a single spawn point on Mine, on the southwest of the map.

There are only air spawn points at the multiplayer of Mine. On the other hand, there is no air spawn point on singleplayer.

See also Mine Maze Designs for a discussion and examples of layouts for Mine.

Towers Edit

Three of the following towers can be chosen for Mine on single player:

Easter Eggs (spoiler warning) Edit

Voyage au centre de la Terre (Achievement) - Video of how to earn achivement

Strawberry Fish (Achievement) (see Predator Achievement Page)

Seven Sisters (Achievement) - Video of how to earn achievement

Achievements Walkthrough (SPOILER) 1

Single-player waves

In single player, the enemies that spawn are predefined. The following table shows the enemies that are encountered and how many resources at the end of each wave. If a checkpoint exists at the beginning of the wave, then its number will be shown in bold.

Wave Enemies Income
1 10 Walkers 60
2 24 Walkers 90
3 80 Runners 120
4 5 Tanks 150
5 24 Walkers + 30 Runners 180
6 18 Chargers 210
7 1 Big Walker 240
8 28 Walkers and 30 Runners 270
9 26 Walkers and 20 Chargers 300
10 5 Tanks + 50 Runners 330
11 45 Walkers 360
12 6 Big Walkers + 20 Chargers 390
13 10 Tanks 420
14 36 Walkers + 5 Tanks 450
15 5 Tanks + 7 Big Walkers 480
16 60 Runners + 24 Chargers 510
17 40 Walkers + 24 Chargers 540
18 7 Big Walkers + 5 Tanks 570
19 5 Tanks + 24 Chargers 600
20 1 strong Big Walker + 30 Walkers 630


  • Mine is the only map that has different configurations for its singleplayer and multiplayer version. Those configurations are stored in different map files and are loaded into the main map file with level streaming.
  • In the singleplayer version of this map some construction places between the bridge and the core are missing, allowing the player to only build a straight wall in the middle of that lane here instead of a zigzag maze. Due to the lack of airborne enemies the construction places on the bridge are removed as well.