The REX Launcher is a rapid-fire missile cannon added in The Old City update. The primary fire launches rockets with a small delay between each shot, similar to the Sniper. The secondary fire, when held down, will lock onto enemies when aimed at. Once the secondary fire button is released, one rocket per enemy will be released which will break off into five smaller ones, heading for the locked on target(s). The numbers of enemies that can be locked onto depends on the number of rockets currently loaded. The weapon's main weakness is its lengthy cooldown.

According to Coffee Stain Studios, the design goal with the REX was to make a "bad-ass weapon" that is "completely over the top". The visuals should indicate that the weapon is a real beast and thus has fangs, eyes and ripping muscles that pulsate when the weapon is in lock-on mode.[1]

In Sanctum 2, it is Sweet's default weapon and retains the same functions as before.


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Damage 204 204 287 446 742 1286
Upgrade cost 50 100 200 400 800
Rounds per clip 1 2 3 4 5 6
Secondary damage (*5) 86 86 121 186 312 542

The REX never hits an enemy's weak spot, even if aimed directly at it.

Usage and strategyEdit

  • The REX is ideal for tight groups because of its large amount of splash damage. Because of the rockets' linear trajectory, it is easier to shoot them through several Holos than an Assault Gun's grenades.
  • When using the secondary fire against ground targets, aim at least 45 degrees above the horizon to allow all of the rockets to strike the target from above.
  • The REX can be used to propel oneself via a "rocket jump"; look down, jump, and simultaneously fire a rocket at the ground. This can be used to reach high places where televator placement is impossible, or to jump onto a block tower from below.
  • This weapon is great to fire at the enemy spawn points at the start of waves; however, it should be used carefully mid-wave because of the long reload time.


  • The front of the rocket has the infamous FUUUUUUUU! character on it. "FU" is also written on the side of the projectile.[1]




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