The Runner is a very small, weak and fast enemy that comes in large groups. Because of its size and speed, it may often slip past the player, possibly unnoticed. It also escapes the range of attacking towers quite fast.


Strength Large Numbers, Fast
Weakness Splash damage
Type Ground
Most Effective Weapon Assault Gun secondary fire, REX
Most Effective Tower Gatling, Scatter Laser

Tower strategiesEdit

Towers with a high rate of fire, such as the Gatling and Scatter Laser, fare reasonably well against the Runner. The Mortar is particularly effective when Runners are bunched together through usage of Slow Fields and the Freeze Gun.

Player strategiesEdit

The Freeze Gun's primary fire, when aimed at the front of the pack of Runners, causes them to cluster together so that explosives, such as the REX and Assault Gun grenade can hit multiple at once, decimating their numbers.

The Sniper, when aimed well, is effective for eliminating stragglers but is not recommended for large groups due to its small magazine capacity.

Sanctum 2Edit

Runners return in Sanctum 2 with similar attributes in Sanctum, and are mainly passive towards the player. When they get into melee range of the core, they will fling themselves repeatedly at the core, dealing a small amount of damage.



Sanctum 2