Rupture Mine Dispenser

The Rupture Mine Dispenser is a tower in Sanctum 2 that creates Rupture Mines, which can be deployed by the player. A level 1 Dispenser creates two mines, a level 2 creates four, and level 3 creates six. New mines regenerate each wave and stay where they are placed for all waves until they are triggered. The Rupture Mines appear similar to old-fashioned bear traps with two metal jaws and a pressure plate trigger in the middle. They do not appear to have any explosive range, rather dealing their damage to only a single target.

  • Gives you Rupture Mines to place on the battlefield.
  • Deals damage according to distance travelled.
  • Good versus fast enemies

Attributes Edit

Level 1 2 3
Range 1.33–1.33 1.33–1.33 1.33
Damage 100–154 155–185 210
Buy/upgrade price 100 150 150
Total cost 100 250 400


Sanctum 2