The scoring system works as follows. For each time an enemy is hit, either by a tower or Skye's weapon its score load is increased. This score load is then rewarded to the player once the enemy dies. How much the score load is increased with each hit is based on an enemy specific, predefined value multiplied with the percentage of the enemies max health the hit took. That value is in turn multiplied with ScoreMultiplier. Here is the basic pseudo code that is executed for every hit.

Percent = DamageDealt / MaxHealth

ScoreLoad += ScoreMultiplier * BaseScore * Percent

if( Health <= 0 )
      ScoreReward = ScoreLoad + BaseScore

How ScoreMultiplier is calculated differs from Skye's hits and the Tower hits. First, the Skye ScoreMultiplier in pseudo code:

if( WeakSpot ) 
     ScoreMultiplier = WEAKSPOT_SCORE; 

if( Grenade ) 
     ScoreMultiplier = GRENADE_SCORE;

if( Freeze ) 
     ScoreMultiplier += FREEZE_SCORE; 

else if( Slow )
     ScoreMultiplier += SLOW_SCORE;

For each Tower hit it's different. The ScoreMultiplier is calculated based on which tower hit the enemy. Every tower holds and keeps track of a ScoreMultiplier. For each hit the tower does this value is increased by a predefined tower specific value, it also has a cap. In psedou code:

ScoreMultiplier = Tower.ScoreMultiplier;
Tower.ScoreMultiplier += ScoreMultiplierIncrement;

Here are all the relevant values.

Skye Score modifiers:





Enemy Values:

Blocker: 130 
Tank: 100 
Glider: 80 
Bobble Head: 130 
Charger: 40 
Soaker: 330 
Dodger: 40 
Hoverer: 60 
Runner: 20 
SporePod: 20 
Walker: 30 
Big Walker: 170

Add 0.005
Cap 2
Add 0.1
Cap 2
Scatter Laser
Add 0.02
Cap 2
Add 0.03
Cap 2
Add 0.05
Cap 2

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