Screamer S2
Strength Fires green projectiles for ranged damage to players and core.
Weakness Rear. Stationary while attacking. Focuses on one enemy at a time.
Type Ground

The Screamer is a new enemy introduced in Sanctum 2. It has the same behavior as the Walker and will be aggressive towards players within range. When attacking, the Screamer will be stationary and launch a green projectiles that are moderately damaging to the players and core(s). It slowly launches its attack one at a time individually, but very dangerous in a group due to the volley of projectiles.


A screamer's weak point is located at the rear part of it's body, all other hits will only deal normal damage. The green projectiles move at a moderate pace and attack noise resembles a disgruntled gagging sound.

Tower strategiesEdit

Majority of towers will damage the Screamer, however, they usually come with other Lumes, so splash damage from towers (such as the ACP and Rocket) will help. When attacking, the Screamer is stationary, so any tower within range will deal more damage over time, thus it is a good idea to distract the Screamer(s) near a group of towers for high damage.

Player strategiesEdit

When facing one or two, it is fairly easy to dodge the Screamer's attacks as long as the player does not stay stationary. However, with a group, it can be difficult due to the numerous projectiles. It is best to keep moving and jumping to avoid being hit while concentrating fire at one or a group (if using an explosive weapon).


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