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Skills are abilities in Super Sanctum TD that the player can use during the action phase. Most skills can be activated at the right time for a more powerful effect. The length of each skill's cooldown varies.


  • Bomb: Causes an explosion that deals Area of Effect Damage. (20 sec cooldown)
  • Teleport: Teleports enemies caught in range back a short distance. (15 sec cooldown)
  • Smart Bomb: Causes a massive explosion that does large damage to all enemies on screen. (5 min cooldown)
  • Mine: Places a mine similar to the ones deployed by the Mine Deployer that when triggered by enemies, explode in a small but powerful blast. (42 sec cooldown)
  • Tower Boost: Causes a 40% damage increase on towers this skill is applied to. (18 sec cooldown)
  • Freeze: Freezes enemies for 6.5 seconds. (40 sec cooldown)
  • Laser Bomb: Creates an Area of Effect field that does damage over time. (33 sec cooldown)
  • Force Push: Pushes enemies away from the area it is used at. (7 sec cooldown)
  • Laser Mine: Places a mine that when triggered, causes similar effects to a laser bomb. (20 sec cooldown)
  • Reverse Time: Causes enemies to move backwards in time. (24 sec cooldown)
  • Thunderbolt: Causes a damaging and stunning lighting strike that jumps to up to 10 other enemies, losing effectiveness with each jump. (26 sec cooldown)
  • Black Hole: Creates a black hole that pulls enemies in. (12 sec cooldown)
  • Gravity Shift: Sends ground enemies up into the air, allowing them to be targeted and attacked by anti-air towers. (11 sec cooldown)
  • Explorers: Spawns a pack of fire and bullet shooting explorers that will remain until killed. (40 sec cooldown)


  • The Force Push is a reference to the Star Wars franchise.

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