Slow Field Dispenser

The Slow Field Dispenser is a tower in Sanctum 2 that produces permanent slow field mines, which can be deployed by the player. A level 1 Dispenser creates one mine, a level 2 creates two, and level 3 creates three. The mines do not regenerate and stay where they are placed for all waves.

When a slow field mine is placed, it creates a slow field which appears as sparkly white stars in a dome-shaped area centered on the mine. Both enemy and friendly units within this area will have their actions slowed, including attacks and sound effects. This field makes hitting ground-based enemies' weakspots easier. Reloading while inside one of these areas takes longer than normal.

Attributes Edit

Level 1 2 3
Range 0.50–0.60 0.61–0.73 0.74
Slow 14–26.7 26.8–40.0 40.1
Buy/upgrade price 120 170 170
Total cost 120 290 460


Sanctum 2