The Sniper rifle is a high-powered weapon that has the potential to inflict massive damage at any range. Each upgrade increases the Sniper's damage and extends the magazine by one round to a maximum of four. The Sniper's base damage is relatively weak, but hitting a weak spot results in triple the damage.

In Sanctum 2, the Sniper returns as SiMo's default weapon with a four round clip. Primary fire remains unchanged; however, secondary fire includes a high-powered shot that disperses in a cone-effect and consumes two rounds.

Attributes Edit

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Damage 84 114 163 264 492 1051
Weak spot damage 252 342 489 792 1476 3153
Upgrade cost 50 100 200 400 800
Rounds per magazine 1 2 3 4 4 4
Damage per second* 33.6 69.0 132.2 257.6 480.0 1025.4
Weak spot DPS* 100.8 207.3 396.5 772.7 1440.0 3076.1

Usage and tactics Edit

The Sniper is generally the most useful weapon at the start of any wave. It is ideal for damaging enemies before they reach the maze, and great at dealing with any airborne enemy. Because of the Sniper's accuracy, it is excellent when combined with a series of Holo towers.

However, the Sniper requires good aim, and is generally less effective against enemies that are closely packed together, have a weak spot that is difficult to target, or move fast. Against these enemies, especially those closely packed together, the Assault Gun (Sanctum)/Assault Rifle (Sanctum 2) may be more effective. Also that weapon is most effective against hitting Tanks' and Bobble Heads' weakspots.

Sanctum 2 Edit

  • Primary Fire
    • Single shot, high critical damage.
  • Secondary Fire
    • Single shot that explodes in a cone on hit.

The Sniper Rifle combines well with Perks that increase critical hit damage like Marksman, and Towers that slow enemies like Kairos and Slow Field Dispenser.



Sanctum 2