The Snorker is a new enemy introduced in Sanctum 2. It attacks by exploding itself when near a player or NPC ally. Its attack is preceeded by a distinctive oinking sound, which gives the player just enough time to jump away and reduce damage taken.


They have a large weakspot on its back, making critical hits easy. They move quickly however, and they often come in large numbers. They will attack players, and the splash damage from their self-detonations can hit players standing on tower bases. When combined with their large numbers, this can make them a frustrating enemy.

Player StrategiesEdit

Due to the fact that they are suicide bombers, a player can get close to them and jump away as soon as they initiate detonation. This will only reduce the damage taken and not eliminate it unless the player has double jump or a speed boost, from Skye, TSYGAN, or Rydskmor. Explorer Conscripts can also serve as targets for Snorkers, as often multiple Snorkers will trigger detonation from one unfortunate Conscript.