Spitter Beta
Strength Attacks players with projectiles
Weakness Unknown
Type Ground
Most Effective Weapon Unknown
Most Effective Tower Unknown

Description Edit

As the Spitter walks, it occasionally spits out a parasite that scans its surroundings for living threats to the Spitter. If one is found, the parasite will chase it and explode when it reaches its target or gets shot.

The Spitter's weak spot is the sac of goo on its back, which fills up before it spits and empties again. It is possible that more damage is done to the weak spot as it fills up, with the maximum damage inflicted just before it spits.

The Spitter is exclusive to the maps found in Map Pack 2.

Trivia Edit

The Spitter was first seen in the encyclopedia of the Old City beta update.

A more powerful version of this creature appears as the final boss on Yogscave in single player with an updated model, made to resemble Israphel, the antagonist of a series on the Yogscast's Youtube channel. It can be seen on the Sanctum Facebook page being played by the Yogscast duo during what appears to be a 10 wave beta on May 6, 2012.