Spore Pod
Spore Pod
Strength Come in large numbers
Weakness Slow Flying, Large Crit Box
Type Air
Most Effective Weapon Sniper
Most Effective Tower Anti-Air

The Spore Pod is a slow flying creature that typically attacks in swarms that fill up the sky.

Tower strategiesEdit

Anti-Air towers are the best because of its splash damage and the Spore Pods' tendency to cluster together. Scatter Laser towers are less effective against individual Spore Pods, but in large numbers they are effective because their hitscan attack and rapid fire rate reduce overkill and the number of shots wasted on dead Spore Pods.

Player strategiesEdit

  • The Sniper rifle is by far the best weapon because of the Spore Pod's slow speed and large weak spot. Whenever convenient, target the stragglers to increase the effectiveness of the Anti-Air towers' splash.
  • The Assault Gun can hit Spore Pods more consistently when fired in bursts instead of rapidly, as the weapon's spread increases as more shots are fired in a short interval.
  • If you are confident that your towers alone will eliminate the majority of the Spore Pods, then focus on the other enemies and only kill the Spore Pods that get close to the core. This way, you won't be competing with your Anti-Air towers for damage.
  • If your weapons are weak, then just damage the Spore Pods before they get to the maze instead of killing them in order to maximize the splash damage from the Anti-Air towers.