The Super Heavy is a boss in Sanctum 2. It moves very slowly, but never underestimate its power.


The Super Heavy's ability is an intense laser shot that will destroy all towers in its path. If players are caught near the laser, they stand a good chance of instant death.


The Super Heavy's weakspots are behind its knees. It's important to note that once the Super Heavy begins charging it's laser beam, it cannot move or rotate its position. Often times that is the best close range strategy to use. Get him to aggro his laser away from the towers, and then hit him behind the knees.

Another strategy used is long rage attacks and towers. Towers that ignore armor are good for dwindling its health, and using some method of long rage shooting, snipers, rifles, and launchers, (shotgun isnt good long range), one can kill the Super heavy. It might take more time, however, its a guarantee that you can keep your towers if you keep your distance.