Survival, formerly named Endless, is a game mode where players must survive as many waves as possible.

Three difficulty levels are available on Survival, which only influence the amount of each enemy's HP. However, only the highest difficulty level (Hard) counts towards the Leaderboards, where players can track their global rankings and rankings amongst their friends.


There are three variations of Survival.


There is a time limit for the building phase, and resources are only gained by killing enemies instead of receiving a fixed amount after each wave.


The map starts with randomly selected towers that are randomly placed. They cannot be sold, but can be upgraded. The team must therefore build their maze around these towers.


Each player starts with a huge amount of resources, but will not receive any more as the game progresses. Depending on the map and number of players, the resources given may not be enough to upgrade all towers and weapons to the maximum level.


Turbo is a modifier that can be enabled in all Survival modes. The amount of resources given initially and at the end of each wave is significantly larger, but so is the amount of each enemy's health.