The Teleporter is an object in maps that was introduced with the Slums and Cavern map DLCs.

Each Teleporter is linked to exactly one other one and can be used in both directions, though the invading aliens will only use it in one direction since their only interest is to reach the core. They take Teleporters into account to find the shortest way.

Teleporters have some limitations:

  • Projectiles and laser beams can not be teleported. Thus towers will also not shoot through Teleporters or anticipate enemies on the other side.
  • Momentum is not preserved when teleporting. Chargers are also slowed down the same way they would when turning in a maze.
  • When teleporting, the player is always placed facing away from the exit on the other side. That makes it harder to keep shooting enemies while running away from them because running backwards after teleporting will cause you to run back towards the Teleporter you just came from and into the enemies that appear behind you.