A perfect mix between an elevator and a teleporter, the Televator allows the player to get on top of their towers. The Televator lowers when a player is near its base, and then rises when the player is standing on it or moves away. In addition, the player can, at any time, teleport to a Televator by clicking on it in the TAB menu.

The Televator is one of the few types of towers that can be shot through.


Level -
Buy 4
Sell 3

Strategic UseEdit

  • Can be placed at the front and back of the maze to speed up moving around
  • Placing at vantage points/high ground to shoot enemies as they move through the maze
  • Can be placed in the middle of long walls to make the player able to take shortcuts
  • Best placed next to a Gatling tower since it can shoot through the Televator.
  • Can be placed behind a Holo tower for quick use of their damage enhancements.