Strength Large Numbers
Weakness Average in all attributes
Type Ground
Most Effective Weapon Assault Gun, Shotgun

The Walker is a creature that lacks any special abilities,they are very easy to kill, but comes in large numbers. It has a tendency to clump together, so explosives are generally very effective against the Walker.


Completely average creature. No special abilities but always appears in large numbers. Threatening in later survival waves on Sanctum 2

Tower strategiesEdit

Mortars can help immensely if you are diligent about clustering the Walkers with your Freeze Gun. Barring that, having good coverage over a large area will help so that the front ranks don't just soak the damage and leave you with half a wave running unhindered through the back of your maze.

Player strategiesEdit

The Freeze Gun plays a vital role in stopping Walkers because they are so numerous. Swapping between the Freeze Gun and either the Sniper or Assault Gun becomes an important skill.

A counterintuitive tactic is to use the Freeze Gun to slow down the back of the wave while killing the front. This effectively increases the amount of time you have to kill the wave as a whole, whereas freezing the front half would simply cause the back lines to catch up.

Sanctum 2Edit

Walkers return in Sanctum 2, remaining mostly similar as they were in Sanctum. However, they are now hostile towards the player and WILL break off of the current wave to attack the player when given the chance. This can prove dangerous when a whole bunch of them are angered. They are extremely difficult in later survival waves. Having the front line attack you to bunch them all up so a rocket can help take care of them is a good strategy to get them out of the way. Always take care of them first.



Sanctum 2