Walker Patriarch
Walker Patriarch
Strength Brute strength. Able to destroy towers. Extreme knock back.
Weakness Slow. Large hitbox.
Type Ground

The Walker Patriarch is a boss introduced in Sanctum 2. An extremely large version of the Walker, the Patriarch towers over other Lumes and is extremely powerful. The Patriarch has the ability to destroy towers and bases with a smash move that has a moderate shockwave effect.


The Walker Patriarch is much more powerful than the Walker Warrior and can be aggressive towards players. Yet, he moves slowly and cannot jump. The main move is a smash that sends a medium-size shockwave that can launch (and heavily damage) players as well as destroy nearby towers and bases. Like Walkers, the center of the front (glowing red) is its main weakness.

Tower strategiesEdit

Majority of towers will damage the Walker Patriarch, but better off with long range towers (like the Violator) to keep the tower(s) at a safe distance. Close range towers may be targeted by the Patriarch and can be destroyed in the process. Drone towers can be effective if not destroyed prior to releasing the drones. Focus towers are very effective if aimed towards the Patriarch.

Player strategiesEdit

The Walker Patriarch can be aggressive towards players, and the core guardians can survive one hit from the Patriarch (however weakened a lot.) The Sniper towards center mass is very effective at range. Same with the Shotgun, however the user must be careful of the Patriarch's attacks. Due to his ability to destroy towers, it is important to keep as many towers and bases alive, so distraction is near vital. Any mines near the Patriarch's entrance will help in cutting down his health and quickly removing him from the scene to focus back on the incoming Lumes.

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