Wave awards are experience bonuses awarded to players after completing a wave and based on their performance.

Basic awards are available to all players and not unique, while any type of multiplayer award is only rewarded to a single player when its criteria is met.

A player can still receive multiple awards.

Basic Edit

  • Core Guardian: Don't let the core take any damage. Once that happens, the award becomes unavailable until the map finishes or when core's health reaches 100% again. (5 XP)
  • Head Hunter: Weakspot accuracy of at least 70%. (10 XP)
  • Immortal: Don't die. (2 XP)
  • Nimble Fingers: Perform 10 perfect weapon switches. (5 XP)
  • One Trick Pony: Never switch weapons. (-1 XP)
  • Big Game Hunter: Kill a boss. You can get more than one of this. (10 XP)
  • Perfect Aim: Only hit weakspots. (15 XP)
  • Untouchable: Don't take any damage. (5 XP)

Note: One Trick Pony actually applies a penalty, rather than a reward.

Multiplayer Edit

Available only when there is more than one player in the current wave.

  • MVP: Deal the most damage. (3 XP)
  • Mostly Harmless: Deal the least damage. (2 XP)
  • Most Deadly: Kill the most enemies. (5 XP)
  • Punching Bag: Take the most damage. (5 XP)
  • The One That Counts: Get the last kill. (3 XP)
  • The Doctor Is Out: Get the last kill while all your allies are knocked out. (5 XP)[1]

References Edit

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