Description Edit

Whirlpool is a player-designed maze added to the game in January 2013. It was designed by TigerHawkins92, who won the Sanctum Survival Contest after surviving Corporation for 113 waves on Hard difficulty.

The map features four spawn points which converge on a central platform with a teleport in the center leading to a series of two smaller platforms. Players start the map with 160 Resources.


All of towers are available on Whirlpool; however, single player does not have any air waves.

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Single-player waves Edit

In single player the enemies that spawn are predefined. Below is a list of which enemies you will encounter and how much you will gain for completing the wave. If this table states a wave has a checkpoint then the checkpoint is at the beginning of that wave. So if you go to the previous checkpoint you will still have to beat that wave.

Wave Enemies Income Checkpoint
1 Walkers 100
2 Big Walkers + Spitters


3 Blockers 200
4 4 Tanks+ Walkers 250
5 16 Big Walkers 300 Yes
6 64 Chargers 350
7 4 Big Walkers+ Walkers 400
8 Tanks 450 Yes
9 Runners + Chargers 500
10 Spitters + Walkers 550
11 Hoverers 600 Yes
12 Bobble Heads + Hoverers 650
13 Runners + Walkers 700
14 4 Soakers 750 Yes
15 Tanks 800
16 Spitters + Soakers 850
17 Blockers + Walkers 900 Yes
18 Bobble Heads + Tanks 950
19 Soakers + Runners 1000
20 Chargers + Tanks + Blockers 1050 Yes


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